Articles, Chapters and Books accepted for publication

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609 Aristegui, I., Castro Solano, & Buunk, A.P. (2018). Mate preferences in Argentinean transgender people: An evolutionary perspective. Personal Relationships, 25, 330-350.  https://doi-org.proxy- ub.rug.nl/10.1111/pere.12247.
608 Zurriaga, R., González-Navarro, P., Buunk, A. P., & Dijkstra, P. (2018). Jealousy at work: The role of rivals’ characteristics. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 59, 443–450.
607 Dijkstra, P.D., & Buunk, A.P. (2018). Social comparison processes. In J. Maddux (Ed.), Social psychological foundations of well-being and life satisfaction (pp. 230-252).  New York: Routledge.
606 Buunk, A.P., & Buunk-Werkhoven, Y.A.B. (2018). Sense of defeat, social status and oral health among forensic psychiatric patients. European Journal of Medicine and Natural Sciences, 2, 48-53.
605 Polo, P., Fernandez, A., Muñoz Reyes, A.M., Dufey, M.,& Buunk, A.P. (2018). Intrasexual competition and height in adolescents and adults. Evolutionary Psychology, 16 January-March, 1-8. doi:10.1177/1474704917749172
604 Buunk, A.P., Dijkstra, P. & Massar, K. (2018). The universal threat and temptation of extradyadic affairs. In: A. Vangelisti and D. Perlman (Eds.), The Cambridge handbook of personal relationships (p. 353-364). Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press. 16-34.

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