Articles, Chapters and Books
580 Van Brummen-Girigori, O., & Buunk, A.P. (2015). Does father abandonment have consequences for the reproductive strategies of girls? A study in Curaçao. Evolution, Mind and Behaviour,13,19-35 doi: 10.1556/2050.2015.0002
579 Dijkstra, P., De Zeeuw, H., Barelds, D.P.H., & Buunk, A.P. (2015). Clinician’s perceptions of and emotional responses to online infidelity. International Journal of Psychosocial Research,3, 12-21.
578 Buunk, A.P. (2015). My parents know best: No mating with members from other ethnic groups. Interpersona. An International Journal on Personal Relationships, 9, 100-113. doi:10.5964/ijpr.v9i1.184
577 Buunk, A.P., & Dijkstra, P. (2015). Rival characteristics that provoke jealousy: A study in Iraqi Kurdistan. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 9, 116-127.
576 Stulp, G., Buunk, A.P., Verhulst, S., & Pollet, T.V. (2015). Human height is positively related to interpersonal dominance in dyadic interactions. PLOS ONE, 10, [e0117860].

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