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Fernández-Theoduloz, G., Paz, V., Nicolaisen-Sobesky, E., Pérez, A, Buunk, A.P. Cabana, A. & Gradin, V.B. (in press). Social avoidance in depression: a study using an interactive social task. Journal of Abnormal Psychology.
Vidal-Mollón, J., Dalley, S.E., & Buunk, A. (in press). Disentangling relations between commitment to the thin-ideal, body checking, worry and weight-loss dieting: A self-regulation perspective. Eating Behaviors.
Buunk, A.P., Dijkstra, P.D., Gibbons, F.X., & Krizan, Z. (in press). Individual differences in social comparison: The complex effects of Social Comparison Orientation. In J. Suls, R.L. Collins & L. Wheeler (Eds.), Social comparison in judgment and behavior. NY: Oxford University Press
Buunk, A.P., Massar, K., Dijkstra, P.D., & Fernandez, A.M. (in press). Intersexual and intrasexual competition and their relation to jealousy. In L.M. Welling & T. Shackelford (Eds.), The Oxford handbook on evolutionary psychology and behavioral endocrinology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Buunk, A.P., Dijkstra, P.D. & Barelds, D.P.H. (in press). The three types of jealousy scale. In Milhausen, R., Sakaluk, J., Davis, C., Yarber, B, & Fisher, T. (Eds.). Sexuality related measures. New York: Routledge.
Zurriaga, R., Gonzalez-Navarro, P., Buunk, A.P., & Dijkstra, P.D. (in press). Jealousy at work: The role of rival characteristics. Scandanavian Journal of Psychology.
Buunk, A.P. (in press). A bridge too far? Evolutionary psychology and the solutions of social problems. In L. Workman, W. Reader, & J. Barkow (Eds.), Cambridge handbook of evolutionary perspectives on human behavior. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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